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released December 13, 2011

All Right Island, The Waves, Grey Today, 3 A. M. written & performed by Ryan Jackson [2011]. Grey Tomorrow, Bourbon written & performed by Ryan Jackson & Jordan Finney [2011]. Summertime composed by George Gershwin [1935] , lyrics by DuBose Heyward [1935] performed by Ryan Jackson [2011]. Don’t Worry Baby written by  Brian Wilson & Roger Christian [1964], performed by Ryan Jackson & Jordan Finney [2011]. Cassette tape release via Cheesus Crust Records 2012.



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Track Name: All Right Island
I see an insand in the sun,
We could be chillin having fun,
Feel the sand and ride the waves,
Wish we could do this everyday

Playing football in the sand,
Now our back are getting tanned,
We'll drink tequilas at the bar,
And then we'll sleep under the stars

But hey, for now it's just a dream,
But hey, a dream is all you need,
Something to think about at night,
Something to make you feel all right
Track Name: The Waves
I can feel the roots of the grass,
I can feel the waves they pass,
Right by my side and touch my thighs,
This summer holds such perfect skies

Those salty words - they plague your mouth,
Those words can hurt the brain no doubt
Unpleasantry, unpleasantry; unpleasantry insanity

I see that beach house in my mind,
I can feel the waves inside,
I could swim, you could just lie there
We could do this every year

So, please-please let me get what I want,
Open me up let it all hang out,
Turn it to dust, bad memories,
Take a torch and burn the forlorn past

There's a way to live your life and a way to live your dreams instead, but I think I've heard you say that you'd rather spend the day in bed
When I clamber to the shores of my mind I can get some rest, try to make some use of me - believe me I've tried my best.

So, if you're taking a shot then take it easy on me, I bruise easily
I can't find a place for me to be,
Just leave me be
Just leave me be